Lean Beef

Have you grown leery of grocery store beef?  Do you want a more transparent view of where the beef you feed your family comes from?  A few times a year we have steers available for custom butchering.  These steers will come directly off our property in Henly, TX and will be delivered to a local processor who will customize your steer any way you would like.  While growing on our ranch they will graze the native grass and will be supplemented with high quality feed and minerals.  We will be happy to provide any prospective buyer with the ingredients of everything that goes in to our animals.  In addition, we would invite any prospective buyers to visit us at the ranch and get a first hand look at the entire operation.  

The Advantages Of Our Lean Texas Longhorn Beef 

NO Hormones

NO Steroids

NO Artificial Growth Stimulants

The only vaccinations our steers receive are designed to keep them healthy and disease free.

HALF the calories of your average grocery store beef!

75% LESS fat!

33% LESS cholesterol!

For more information or to be notified when the next steer is ready email Jeff at jefferieslonghorns@gmail.com

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